Fedora 16 Beta

Somehow I can't help myself, over and over again. And curiosity wins again, as I try to install Fedora 16 Beta, this time on a 20" iMac (MB323LL/A). To my surprise, it sucked a somewhat less than previous version, let's recap:

  • Sound still does not work, #580703 seems to cover it.
  • abrt seems to work now: at least I was prompted to send a bug report about some SELinux messages and it concluded that it'd be a duplicate. Yay, abrt.
  • pidgin-otr was able to install this time.
  • What about all these gvfs bugs in past relases? Not sure about that, I'm using LXDE now, which still uses gvfsd but I did not notice any ill-effects so far.
  • /bin/mount still lists an awful lot of crap, too much IMHO. But I forgot to open a UI-bug for this, maybe this helps (and explains what I mean):
      alias mounted="mount | egrep -v '^(cgroup|debugfs|hugetlbfs|mqueue|securityfs|systemd)'"
  • Although the says completed in 2009" I could only confirm this with F16 (and the LXDE spin), startup time is amazing now.
  • Yum still sucks, big time. It's slow (surprise!) and when I dared to interrupt a running yum I had to perform all kinds of black magic to get the package database in a clean state again. Unbelievable.

  • Moving on...