We're sorry, Alan Turing

Apparently the British Prime Minister had to apologize for how Alan Turing was treated for being gay. While it's good to hear they don't approve now, the statement feels a bit blurry in the end:

For those of us born after 1945 [...] it is hard to imagine that our continent
was once the theatre of mankind’s darkest hour. It is difficult to believe [...]
people could become so consumed by hate - by anti-Semitism, by homophobia,
by xenophobia and other murderous prejudices
Dude, Turing has been convicted in 1952 in the UK, and treated in the same homophobic ways the Nazis did before 1945 in Germany! And same-sex marriage is still not possible in the UK - how's that not homophobic, hm? Instead they create things like "civil partnerships" - equality, but not really, u know. Did anyone say butt buddies? Fuck you, guys! Gah, this makes me angry and depressed at the same time. Grrr.