Designed in California...

...but assembled in (and shipped from) Shanghai, CN - a shiny new 13" MPB. Here are just a few things I've come across during the setup routines:

  • Installing rEFIt wasn't so easy this time: the graphical installer completes, but no rEFIt does not show up during the next boot. The trick was to manually execute nitpick: rEFIt still does not show any inserted CDs during bootup, so I still have to press "C" to boot up a CD. This seems to be known issue though.

  • Neither Jaunty (2.6.28) nor Karmic (2.6.31-rc5) are able to reboot the machine. poweroff is working, but reboot just hangs when it prints "restarting system". Even sysrq-b wouldn't help. Grrr.

  • very important: replace login window background image in MacOS X: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DesktopPicture '/path/to/picture.jpg' :-)

  • Strange, MacOS X makes heavy use of xattr but the rsync version that comes with 10.5 still has no support for xattrs. Fortunately there's a more current version on macports, now we can even backup all the attributes.

  • Oh, did I mention that I really dislike this crappy nvidia 9400M graphic chip? I mean, I was expecting that it'll piss me off - now the madness begins again, with crappy binary drivers and gluecode, and breaking video every time a new kernel is built, I did not miss those times :-\

  • extra geek points for enabling verbose booting with sudo nvram boot-args="-v"

  • To enable daily updates of the locate database, simply copy /etc/periodic/weekly/310.locate into the daily directory. Oh yes, there's Spotlight of course...not my cup of tea though.