sharemgr.exe not found

I feel kinda stupid even asking this, having done this for years now, but: how do you create NFS shares on a Solaris 10 system? /etc/exports is obsolete, but so is dfstab(4), apparently:

      Do not modify this file directly. This file is reconstructed and only 
      maintained  for backwards compatibility. Configuration lines could
      be lost. Use the sharemgr(1M) command for all share management.
However, sharemgr(1m) does not seem to exist on this Solaris10 box. Well, sharemgr has been introduced in late 2006 (in response to Bug#6281048) but this nifty tool hasn't made it to Solaris10 yet.

So, for now we're stuck with:
  • editing /etc/dfs/dfstab or
  • using zfs set sharenfs, for ZFS filesystems.

  • There are nice articles from Doug McCallum on this topic:
  • Share properties under sharemgr
  • sharemgr and ZFS