benchmarks galore

I'm thinking about giving up my old benchmark frontpage and posting benchmark results right here in this weblog. Easier for me to maintain and much healthier for your eyes ;-) Let me start with all the old stuff first, my next post will deal with more current data: The filesystems tested are the usual suspects: ext2, ext3, jfs, reiser, reiser4 (only a few results available) and xfs for different kernels and different benchmark programs like tiobench, Bonnie++, ioZone and even generic system tools like cp, rm, tar, dd. Also loop-aes was used to test encrypted volumes as well. I've used several benchmark scripts, starting with, which has been superseded by And here's yet another one, I've forgotten when I was using this though. Being ugly as hell they served my needs and all they did was executing these commands:

bonnie++ -f -s 2048 -r 0 -n 10:10240:10 --size 2048 --numruns 1
iozone -s 2048 -f /mnt/bench/iozone.img
tar -xjf linux.tar.bz2 -C /mnt/bench/tarball
find /mnt/bench/tarball
cp -a /mnt/bench/tarball /mnt/bench/tarball_copy
rm -rf /mnt/bench/tarball
dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/bench/test.img bs=1M count=2048
dd if=/mnt/bench/test.img of=/dev/null bs=1M count=2048
the mount options used:
-t ext2fs -o noatime
-t ext3fs -o noatime,data=ordered
-t jfs -o noatime,integrity
-t reiserfs -o noatime,notail
-t reiser4 -o noatime
-t xfs -o noatime,notail
I've tested different machines, very irregularly and only a few results are available for each box: Enjoy!