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Nextcloud & Backblaze B2

This is mostly a memory dump for myself, documenting the ride from last night. So, I have this little Nextcloud instance running at my home, providing synchronized storage for photos taken from my smartphone and small documents maybe. But now things have changed and the new internet connection at home is abysmally bad so uploads to or downloads from the Nextcloud instance are too slow to work with.

A few options were available now:

  • Get a faster internet connection :-D Not possible, at least not now. The nice thing about hosting Nextcloud at home is that disk space is almost free, as this little server is running anyway. The Nextcloud instance would need ~60 GB in total.

  • Setup a new Nextcloud instance on an already running Hetzner Cloud server. The VM costs €3/month with another €3/month for ~60 GB storage.