Rainforest Schmainforest

After stumbling over yet another celebritiy to speak out about the (dying of our) precious rainforests, I just couldn't help myself and wanted to see if the numbers add up. I'm talking about the rate at which the rainforests are destroyed, as they rank from "the size of a football" field every second or every four seconds.

A standard football pitch is about 7000 sqm in size. The size of the rainforest was much harder to come by, the number I have now is 2.6 million square miles or 6.73*10^12 sqm. Well, by that rate we should be out of trees in 122 years resp. 30 years with the more scarier number. Still, wouldn't that be just enough time to plant new trees as they are cutting them down? Then again, I don't know jack about envrionmental issues, but this play on numbers got me curious :-\