Git plus Perl 5.10 with MacPorts on MacOS 10.4

Since the Fink Project looks a bit stale (last release from 06/2008), I switched to MacPorts, which does not come with a neat dpkg toolset, but the port command is usable too (and looks more BSD-like anyway ;)). One of the tasks left was to compile git-core. Of course, git-core has runtime dependencies on perl and a package called p5-error. However, there are 3 different "perl" packages available: perl, perl5.8, perl5.10. Since perl5.10 was already installed, I was looking for a way to convince git-core to depend on perl5.10 instead. Since p5-error also had a library dependency on perl5, I had to add a depends_lib port:perl5.10 to its Portfile. Run "portindex" once more, now we should be ready to install git-core (for perl5.10). Here's the full procedure:

$ cd
$ mkdir -p .ports/devel/git-core/files .ports/perl/p5-error
$ cd .ports
$ cp $macports/.../release/ports/devel/git-core/Portfile \
$ cp $macports/.../release/ports/devel/git-core/files/patch-Makefile.diff \
$ cp $macports/.../release/ports/perl/p5-error/Portfile \
* Change depends_run to path:bin/perl:perl5.10 in devel/git-core/Portfile
* Add depends_lib port:perl5.10 to perl/p5-error/Portfile
$ portindex
$ sudo port install git-core
....and that should be all, for building git-core that is.