Notice of Claim of Copyright Infringement

Wow. Only a few weeks after starting to run a Tor node, the first "Notice of Claim of Copyright Infringement" made it to my inbox, sent by my beloved ISP. Well, it's a "notice of claim", so someone (they didn't tell me who) claims that my IP address was the "source of the infringing works", as they put it.

Of course I replied instantly, so let's see what happens next. Hopefully they'll put me in contact with the so called "copyright owner, or its authorized agent" and Comcast won't have to deal with this. Dealing with this kind of crap won't get them (or any ISP, for that matter) any revenue, so may be they'll just terminate my contract to be done with it. But maybe not, Comcast could use a few plus points on their net neutrality stance.

Oh, and for the record: "Harry Potter Audio Books", wtf? Not me, your honor - not me. Go get your LI tools straight.