Security theater has come to town!

I always wondered what the blogosphere was babbling about regarding the shiny new security measures recommended by the TSA. Well, now I know what Security theater feels like: half-assed "everything must be checked" searches for everyone boarding a plane to the US.

So there are two security checks at LHR now: the first one is the usual metal detector and hand-baggage scanning, with random individual checks which takes about a minute per person. The other one is *at the gate*, starts at boarding time (expect major delays!) and takes 3-5min per person. Yes, these are made-up numbers, since TSA's Wait Time Calculator is out of order at this time, probably due to unforseen security checks. And "half-assed", because the search drones are trying so hard to do as instructed in their classroom, that they're looking diligently at laptops and little baby-bottles, as if they could spot "dangerous looking items" with their bare eyes.

And even if they found something: will the security guys from the first checkpoint be fired then? Why not? FYI, neither of them found the matches in my hand luggage - and yes, I must've left them there by accident, I did not study their Airport Screening Manual that was leaked some time ago :-)