scselect FTW!

Having a portable computing device, I tend to switch network locations fairly often. While the configuration of these locations is really comfortable and easy (YMMV), switching between different locations is a real clickfest. Sure, there's a tool called NetworkLocation, where you can switch locations and even more, but installing yet another application just to switch network locations? I wish Apple had thought of this. Well, they did - kinda, for the geeks, at least:

$ scselect
   5BD6CDE3-1F56-15D5-B0EE-38D661618EDD (foo)
 * D193EEBE-7E81-1173-9E0B-D9EDE1331D39 (bar)
   111891B8-8CE1-1EBC-B15E-36F01689DD77 (Automatic)
There's also an AppleScript helper app for all you mouse people. Hey!