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Windows7: CDBOOT cannot boot from CD code:5

Installing Windows7 turned out to be not so easy as previous versions. Booting the DVD within a VirtualBox virtual machine barfed with:
  CDBOOT cannot boot from CD code:5 
The solutions on the interwebs mentioned something about ETFSBOOT.COM or using Gujin (a boot loader) to boot from the CD. But the thing that worked for me was: At this point we should be able to remove the Windows Vista DVD from our virtual machine and replace it with the Windows7 DVD. On the command prompt in the virtual machine again:
  • Select your CD drive, e.g. type "D:" if your drive is listed as drive ''D:''
  • type "cd sources"
  • type "setup.exe"
Now Windows7 setup should come up. The Windows Vista setup window might still be active and can just be minimized.

Fedora 15 Alpha

It's been a while since my last post on Fedora 13. So, one year later, let's see if I can finally install & use it on this MacBookPro5,5. Installation went OK, I only had to rerun rEFIt once more in MacOS X, so that Fedora's GRUB is loaded correctly. After installation, quite a few things came up and after 2 days of fiddling, it's still far from being excellent: So, that and the usual 3rd party showstoppers (Flash and Java plugins, Picasa anyone?) make it really hard for me to use for serious business. Let's hope they'll iron out a few bugs before its final release.