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Snow Leopard, Redmond style

I know, 10.6 has been out for ages (hah!), but only now I found some time to try this. Unfortunately, with no luck:
Mac OS X cannot be installed on Macintosh HD, because this disk
cannot be used to start up your computer.
Huh? I just started from this very "Macintosh HD"! Turns out, others had this problem too and there are a few good and silly articles on the net, but all hints failed so far. Attempting to resize the startup disk's partition via DiskUtility brought up another error message:
MediaKit reports no such partition
Of course, by then I remembered I had rEFIt installed which might confuse DiskUtility et al. - but even after removing it (and a few reboots later), both errors stuck. Although I have a GUID partition table, I tried to update the MBR of my startup disk but I doubt it did anything at all:
$ sudo fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0
fdisk: could not open MBR file /usr/standalone/i386/boot0: No such file or directory
So here we are, the seventh incarnation of OS X but the error messages still suck and are not usable at all :-\

We're sorry, Alan Turing

Apparently the British Prime Minister had to apologize for how Alan Turing was treated for being gay. While it's good to hear they don't approve now, the statement feels a bit blurry in the end:
For those of us born after 1945 [...] it is hard to imagine that our continent
was once the theatre of mankind’s darkest hour. It is difficult to believe [...]
people could become so consumed by hate - by anti-Semitism, by homophobia,
by xenophobia and other murderous prejudices
Dude, Turing has been convicted in 1952 in the UK, and treated in the same homophobic ways the Nazis did before 1945 in Germany! And same-sex marriage is still not possible in the UK - how's that not homophobic, hm? Instead they create things like "civil partnerships" - equality, but not really, u know. Did anyone say butt buddies? Fuck you, guys! Gah, this makes me angry and depressed at the same time. Grrr.

Raider heisst jetzt Twix

...and Citrix puts "Xen" in every product they have since its XenSource acquisition. Boy, I searched for quite some time now (don't ask) for the Mac ICA client only to find out that it's now called XenApp Plug-in for Mac. A "plugin"? Funny, it installs like every other piece of software, I wonder where the plug-in part comes into play. And what if I don't connect to a XenServer? Will my computer explode? Sigh...

no ImageRotate() in php5-gd?

ZenPhoto is awesome! It really is. It's still a moving target and while the growing changlog is almost frightening, I hope it won't die on featuritis. That being said, I still miss one function, a very simple one I assumed: to rotate pictures. No, not auto_rotate by its EXIF data but via the Rotate... buttons in the image details. However, these buttons are grayed out, with no reason given. Well, there's #3010 to "Disable rotation radio buttons if 'auto_rotate' not set - but I don't remember to turn off auto_rotate. Looking again at the config, I noticed that the auto_rotate button is grayed out too - what's going on?

Turns out, ZenPhoto is missing the imagerotate() funcition in our GD build. Hm, gd is provided by php5-gd and there we go:
> gd seems to build with an external gd library,
> php5 has it's own gd library shipped with it.
> One functions that isn't available when gd is build with an external lib
> is ImageRotate();
Well, the report is from 2005, now it's 2009 and this one has been tagged as wontfix, for debatable reasons. Sure, there are workarounds available, but I wonder how the others are dealing with this particular issue...