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freshclam, you bastard!

For a while now freshclam kept barfing with:
# /usr/bin/freshclam -u clamav -v
ClamAV update process started at Fri Aug 31 18:42:55 2007
WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!
WARNING: Local version: 0.90.1 Recommended version: 0.91.2
DON'T PANIC! Read is up to date (version: 44, sigs: 133163, f-level: 20, builder: sven)
Downloading daily-4092.cdiff [100%]
Ignoring mirror (too often connections with outdated version)
ERROR: getpatch: Can't download daily-4093.cdiff from
Ignoring mirror (too often connections with outdated version)
Trying host (
Downloading daily-4093.cdiff [100%]
Ignoring mirror (too often connections with outdated version)
Since we're running Debian/stable, we won't receive any newer clamav version (without pinning and stuff), but the too often connections with outdated version is more serious, since our virus db could not be updated. Searching for this error turned up quite a few results, but nothing related to a particular debian bug. Finally I came accross bug# 606 which contains an actual fix for newer clamav versions and a workaround, for (debian/stable-)users like us:
# sed 's/^ScriptedUpdates.*/ScriptedUpdates no/' -i /etc/clamav/freshclam.conf
# freshclam -u clamav -v
# sed 's/^ScriptedUpdates.*/ScriptedUpdates yes/' -i /etc/clamav/freshclam.conf
Now the daily updates should work again. Read why this works.

Having more than one version of gcc

GCC 4.2 is out and already in Debian/unstable. While I'm keen to try out the latest and the greatest, I'd like to keep gcc-3.4 around, just in case some weird software cannot be compiled with gcc-4.x (btw, is gcc-2.95 really obsolete by now?). And I only want to have one gcc-4.x on my system - however, that's not yet possible, because various applications are depending on gcc-4.1.x.

OK, fine, I'm gonna have 3 different GCC versions on the box. Luckily Debian comes with update-alternatives and I finally came across a useful post in describing how to actually use it:
$ old=4.1 new=4.2
$ update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/gcc gcc /usr/bin/gcc-${new} 60 \
                      --slave /usr/bin/cc   cc   /usr/bin/gcc-${new} \
                      --slave /usr/bin/cpp  cpp  /usr/bin/cpp-${new} \
                      --slave /usr/bin/gcov gcov /usr/bin/gcov-${new} \
                      --slave /usr/bin/g++  g++  /usr/bin/g++-${new}

$ update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/gcc gcc /usr/bin/gcc-${old} 40 \
                      --slave /usr/bin/cc   cc   /usr/bin/gcc-${old} \
                      --slave /usr/bin/cpp  cpp  /usr/bin/cpp-${old} \
                      --slave /usr/bin/gcov gcov /usr/bin/gcov-${old} \
                      --slave /usr/bin/g++  g++  /usr/bin/g++-${old}

$ update-alternatives --config gcc

There are 2 alternatives which provide `gcc'.

  Selection    Alternative
*+      1    /usr/bin/gcc-4.2
        2    /usr/bin/gcc-4.1

Press enter to keep the default[*], or type selection number: 1
Using `/usr/bin/gcc-4.2' to provide `gcc'.
Note: the '40' and '60' are priorities, which are explained in the manpage.

bcm43xx my ass!

grrr, I love this iBook but this airport thingy is a sick bastard:
# iwconfig eth1 mode managed essid camp07-foo nick camp07-foo key off enc off # dhclient eth1
...but all I got was:
ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready SoftMAC: Authentication timed out with 00:0b:0e:56:d7:00
bcm43xx module and loaded it again - after this it worked instantly. Yeah I know, I should file a bug or better yet: send a patch....-ENOSKILL :-\ The good thing is that I'm lying in a hammock surrounded by trees, good music, fantastic visuals and kind h4x0rs...guess where I am :)