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Changing the default column list in Thunderbird

Appaerently Thunderbird 3 now allows the column headings to be set on a per-folder basis. While this is might be a neat feature, it is also quite a pain for all the others wanting one default column list for all their folders. Luckily, there's a workaround to accomplish this:

  • Set layout for the uppermost folder ("INBOX")
  • Quit Thunderbird
  • Delete all but the INBOX.msf .msf files from your profile directory:
    find ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/*/ImapMail -name "*.msf" \
             -a ! -name "INBOX.msf" -exec rm -v '{}' + 
  • Start Thunderbird again, now the default layout should be propagated to all the subfolders.


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henry on :

this did not work for me. thunderbird 17 for mac

Christian on :

LOL :-) It worked for TB3, apparently...lot's has happened since 2010, maybe you should re-open #505035 if this is still an issue?

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