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$ grep CONFIG_SCSI_WAIT_SCAN .config
$ make oldconfig
$ grep CONFIG_SCSI_WAIT_SCAN .config
Hm, but what does it all mean? This option does not even show up in menuconfig. This has been discussed numerous times and on LKML as well. The short story is:
The wait scan module is designed to wait for scans of driver modules.
Whether SCSI=y or m has no effect on this ... you can still have modular
drivers with built in SCSI. 
And since we don't know if there are any (out-of-tree) SCSI driver modules around, we just build this module. Except when CONFIG_MODULE=n is set. But I still fail to understand why we need a .config option, when it's not (de)selectable anyway? But then again I may not fully comprehend the module-vs-builtin paradigm and SCSI_WAIT_SCAN behaves differently when builtin?


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