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space vs. time

# time pbzip2 -c wordlist.txt > wordlist.txt.bz2
real    41m53.295s
user    67m17.972s
sys     5m38.981s

# time 7z a -m0=lzma -mx=9 -mfb=64 -md=32m -ms=on wordlist.txt.7z wordlist.txt
real    525m35.861s
user    446m31.866s
sys     32m20.861s

# ls -lhgo
total 31G
-rw------- 1  25G 2008-12-16 00:55 wordlist.txt
-rw------- 1 776M 2008-12-17 01:09 wordlist.txt.7z
-rw------- 1 5.0G 2008-12-16 08:46 wordlist.txt.bz2
....'nuff said.


s9y testdrive on : Compression benchmarks

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Some time has passed since the last compression benchmarks and new contenders entered the race, so let's do another round of benchmarks, shall we? MacBook Pro 2013 $ tar -cf test.tar /usr/share/ $ ls -goh test.tar -rw-r--r-- 1 384M Oct 6 0


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